Personalized Service

What We Provide
Our Personalized Service offers you the opportunity to come home to the mouthwatering aroma of your favorite meal; without the hassle of grocery shopping, food preparation, or cleaning a dirty kitchen. All personalized meals are prepared in your home with the freshest ingredients available. Once prepared, the meals are placed in refrigerator, and freezer -ready packaging for easy storage and reheating. Our Personal Services allow you to have a variety of meals that are ready for you to heat and enjoy at your convenience.

How it Works
We offer each customer a complimentary home consultation, which consists of a kitchen assessment and personalized menu selection. During the assessment, we will evaluate your refrigerator and freezer space, kitchen layout, food storage containers, and heating preferences. Next, we will complete a detailed questionnaire to identify your preferences and dietary requirements. Once your needs are identified, we will create a meal plan specific to your needs whether they are to lose weight, eat fresher meals, lower your cholesterol, or maintain your good health. Finally, we will select the cook day(s) that are most convenient for you. Currently, we offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and as needed cook days.

Number of MealsServing SizeCost
*Cost does not include the price of groceries.
*Additional charges may apply if special ingredients, grocery and menu planning are required to meet specific dietary or health needs.